Network Solutions
GPRS Remote Control

  • What is it about
  • You can controll any application in any computer connected to the internet with special "configuration". Its totally Legal and for now its still free

    You DONT NEED to Flash Firmware in your cellphone
    You DONT NEED to have ADMINs rights on remote computer
    You NEED - Specialy configure remote computer and run "GPRSrgtw" which will interact with the controlled application

    If you pass, you can control for example Winamp in your Radio Statoin or Studio and still be at home :)
  • Specification
  • Download Server Address(somewhere at):
    Main menu has about 100Bytes in phone. Every command takes about 10Bytes, like next/stop/abort. (maybe less) Gateway
    GPRS Any Port(80,81,90default)
    WAP Any Port(80,89default)
    Http Depends on your Operator(80default)
    Admin 90
    Accessing from the phone:
    1) type the remote ip in Mobil menu, like: http://YourServer/controll 2) choose an action from the menu 3) Dont forget to disconnect :)

  • Tested on

  • Telnet, SSH, Winamp, MusicMatch, ATV
    There is no problem to iplement menu to meet your needs

  • Screen Shoots

  • How does it look in Mobil #12
    And here is what you get as Main application for remote computer #12