Quick Info about YS Unreal Tournament 2004 server(s)

  • How to connect&what you need
  • From the consloe "~" - type: open yablosX.myftp.org:7777 or simply throught browser

    You DONT NEED - an valid cd-key. Its free for all(it means pirated versions can connect too :) )
    You NEED - Newest patch installed
    You NEED - Allowed downloads in UT (for some maps etc, textures which you dont have)
    ut2004-smallpack Instructions inside
  • Network Parameters
  • Server Address: yablosX.myftp.org
    UT2004 7777 or 7778
    FTP 21
    Http 80
    Admin 100
  • Server Parameters

  • OnLine Time

    Supported Game Types (you may vote in-game)
    DeathMatch, CTF, TeamDeathmatch, Double Domination, Bombing Run,Ballistic weapons 2.5,Onslaught, Greed

  • Rulles

  • NONE special

  • Bonus

  • Desktop of Dev Server #2
    next Desktop of Dev Server #2
    next Desktop of Dev Server #3
    Bender2k4 model + fix for servers
    ut2004-smallpack Instructions inside